Dream Chaser

Dominique has always been an artist and a creator. But in middle school when she expressed that she wanted to be an artist. An important adult figure replied that she should not take this path because artist are broke and only gain recognition after they die. Being very young and impressionable she placed the dream of becoming an artist on a shelf in the back of her mind. She entered college undecided not only on a major but really what path she should take in life. Eventually she settled on philosophy pre-law and decided that she would become a lawyer in criminal law because everyone said that this is what she should do and she knew she would be great at it, she wanted to help people and it wasn’t much of a risk to take. But one day, something came over her and she decided to forget what others thought she should do, laid her fears aside and decided to pursue what really made her happy, art. Drawing fashion illustrations in her sketchbook evolved into the creation of her fashion line Louis Elaine and the debut of her first collection.

[Louis Elaine by Dominique White featured on Pack News]

[footage from the Black Noise Fashion show of Dominique White debuting her first collection (paying homage to the Black Panther Party) in the fall line of Louis Elaine.