Miscellaneous Work

Not only is Dominique an aspiring fashion designer but she also possesses many other talents, a jack of all trades and a master of a few. She dabbles in videography and graphic design and captivates any audience with her stage presence and delivery when doing spoken word or delivering a speeches. She aims to do everything she takes on well and to the best of her abilities while also serving a greater purposes. Her goal is to motivate and inspire and to overall be a blessing to others.

Bad T.V.

This piece is inspired by Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem, “We Wear the Mask”. It explores the idea among many black women of wearing a mask, hiding one’s true feelings and thoughts to assimilate, adapt and ultimately survive. On the outside, the black woman holds it together, seeming to be as smooth and elegant as crimson chiffon the drapes her sensuous figure. But beneath the chiffon, the sweat is dripping, the muscles are tense, her thoughts are caving in beneath the pressure. Yet, still she wears her veil like a scarlet letter, never revealing the truth, only playing it cool. She wears the mask.

The Veil

Inspired by W.E.B DuBois theory of double consciousnesses Dominique creates a conceptual video to illustrate this idea of self love and self loathing dwelling in the same vessel and explores the idea of having to see yourself through your eyes and the eyes of another.

The Darker The Honey

A conceptual piece where womanhood and sensuality merge into one entity and emphasizes free interpretation of what it means to be a sensual woman.

Kai Davis 90 seconds tribute

Video filmed, directed and edited by Dominique White using Final Cut Pro for the first time ever. With zero budget and 48 hours to create she somehow managed to bring a visual worthy of such an astonishing poem to life.

Carpe Diem

Armed with a camera that possessed fewer capabilities than a basic cell phone, 24 hours and a will to create an inspirational piece for her classmates to end the semester off, she churned out a abstract video, urging her peers to follow their dreams, that had a few in tears and all standing on their feet clapping.

She’s Got the Whole Galaxy In Her Imagination (first time ever using photoshop)

Award winning oratorical piece entitled “Dare to Be Black” written and delivered by Dominique White